Not what I imagined

BY Anthony Madonna and Hannah fredsgaard-jones
portraits BY darius yektai
exhibited at DUCK Creek arts centre, 5-27 2020

A shapeshifter: to be able to morph and slide into the crevasses of society (?). That would be fantastic. Not because I am nosey or gossip-prone, but because my life could then be endless discoveries.

NOT WHAT I IMAGINED is a sound installation by interdisciplinary artist, Anthony Madonna, and composer and audio producer, Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones. Composed of various field recordings, vocal improvisations, and journal entires, the piece situates the listener in the center of Madonna’s explorations of and mediations within the natural landscapes of the Hamptons. Installed within Duck Creek Arts Center’s exhibition, Darklight: Darius Yektai, the piece invites an intimate audience for an immersive multi-sensory experience; introspectively questioning human connection, stillness, and natural surroundings through visual and aural mediums.