work BY Cecilia bianchini, hannah fredsgaard-jones and moe elhossieny ahmed
curation BY  sophie clements, paolo catalano, nell catchpole,  detta danford, jo wills, seth scott, natasha zielazinski
produced for curious festival, guildhall school of music and drama, barbican exhibition halls,  barbican centre, london, 2017

performer in front of microphone
performer in front of microphone


[ C ] /ɡriːn.haʊs/

A structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown and fed.

Curious Festival 2017: Make/Shift

The structures we create mediate our relationship with the world – whether it’s the physical constructions we make or the frameworks through which we think and feel. For millennia, we have individually or collectively created structures to protect us, offer refuge and enable us to survive.

Make/Shift proposes to turn to artistic expression to interpret, reflect or re-imagine the world. 

Do we take refuge from the contemporary world, do we feel a need to hide? Or is it imperative that we face what is there?

Photos: Tom Medwell