Missed connections

BY Olivia Rafferty & Hannah fredsgaard-Jones, 2021

A conceptual, collaborative songwriting project by Hannah Fredsgaard and Olivia Rafferty, inspired by Craigslist classifieds.

Glasgow based Danish songwriter Hannah and London based Scottish songwriter Olivia met at Findlay Napier and Boo Hewerdine’s Bird on a Wire songwriting workshop in March 2021. After the course ended, they did a lyric swap exercise, collaboratively writing songs based on Craigslist classifieds. For each song, one person wrote the lyrics and the other wrote the melody.The small exercise resulted in two songs which had such charm, they decided to keep writing and start a larger project. “Missed Connections” is the result. Starting in April 2021, two songs a week will be shared, based off of posts from Best of Craigslist.